2sk30a transistor datasheet book

It is a blog created to share various information with you in more complete and detailed contents. You know, the ones that plot vcc, qpoint, bias current, test condition sample circuits etc i remember seeing them on the sheets from phillipsecg years ago before i knew what they were while i was playing parts runner for a retired zenith engineer. Jual 2sk30a k30a k30 transistor jfet nchanel dengan harga rp5. Circuit, arduino, transistor, diode, sensor, led it offers a large amount of data sheet, you can free pdf files. Aaa 9 4to according to the value of iijss, the 2sk30a is classified as follows, k 3 oa or 2. Texas instruments transistor and diode databook 1st ed 1973 datasheets for diodes from 1n251 on and transistors from 2n117 on acrobat 7 pdf 34. Silicon nchannel juction fet, 2sk30a pdf download etc, 2sk30a datasheet pdf, pinouts, data sheet, equivalent, schematic, cross reference, obsolete. Toshiba field effect transistor silicon n channel junction type 2sk30atm low noise preamplifier, tone control amplifier and dcac high input impedance amplifier. Please consult the most recently issued document before initiating or completing a design. N channel junction field effect transistors, depletion mode type a designed for audio and switching applications. Pdf 120hz c011m0n 1001ca 2sk30a transistor 2sk30a 2sk30a 2sk30 c011m 2 s k 3 0 saj 100 aatj 2sk30 y r 1004 transistor. Click the button below to add the transistor fet 2sk30a gr to your wish list. Toshiba power transistor semiconductor data book 1983. For charge sensor, meter amplifier circuit, rheostat, chopper and gain controller for agc,electronic switch.

Toshiba field effect transistor silicon n channel junction. The product status of devices described in this document may have changed since this document was published and may differ in case of multiple devices. Im trying to update as much information as possible, even if i can not find perfect information. Nov 25, 2016 2sk30a datasheet pdf silicon n channel fet toshiba, 2sk30a pdf, 2sk30a pinout, 2sk30a manual, 2sk30a schematic, 2sk30a equivalent, 2sk30a data. Toshiba power transistor semiconductor data book 1983 toshiba corporation 1983 acrobat 7 pdf 52. Jfet 2sk30a and transistor c2785k can anyone tell me what the modern equivalent of these is. Jfet 2sk30a, and transistor c2785k modern equivalent. The transistor is subdivided into five groups, r, o, y, p and l, according to its dc current gain. Diodes and transistors pdf 28p this note covers the following topics. St 2sc945 npn silicon epitaxial planar transistor for switching and af amplifier applications. Field effect transistor silicon n channel junction type low noise pre.

Data sheet mos field effect transistor 2sk3057 switching nchannel power mos fet industrial use description ordering information this product is nchannel mos field effect transistor part number package designed for high current switching application. Ics for cdcdrom player an8377n 3channel linear driver s overview the an8377n is an ic, g c. Prameter symbol conditions min typ max unit drain to source cutoff current idss vds 10v, vgs 0v 0. Discover the best mosfet transistors in best sellers. Transistor equivalent book 2sc2238 transistor integrated circuit. Apr 21, 2006 im building a circuit which calls for the following. Datasheet search engine for electronic components and semiconductors. Transistor equivalent book 2sc2238 free download as pdf file.

Basic semiconductor physics, diodes, the nonlinear diode model, load line analysis, large signal diode models, offset diode model, transistors, large signal bjt model, load line analysis, small signal model and transistor amplification. Bf245b transistor datasheet, bf245b equivalent, pdf data sheets. As complementary type the pnp transistor st 2sa733 is recommended. Nov 07, 2016 k30a datasheet pdf silicon n channel fet toshiba, 2sk30atm datasheet, k30a pdf, k30a pinout, equivalent, k30a data, k30a circuit, k30a schematic.

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