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The document details a lengthy history of government involvement inand alliance withcertain extraterrestrial entities that purportedly inhabit andor visit planet earth on a regular basis. The history of the aliens on earth blue planet project book 22 kindle edition by carlson, gil. The history of the aliens on earth blue planet project book 22. Sci fi romance with nonhuman aliens i get kinda annoyed by alien romance novels where the aliens look perfectly human. However, the show frequently went against the actual project conclusions, suggesting on many occasions that. No, that new alien interview from project blue book isn. Alien races manual, usa aka blue planet project, manual. Here is the table of contents of this silly book with my comments captioned below each item. Project blue planet, evidence of aliens on earth, government. Ufo reporting requirements, office of military government for bavaria, germany, may 1948 archivists greg bradsher and sylvia naylor share a brief history of project blue book, the projects alternative names. And if you have just one blue planet book, this is a great way to get the other 2 of the 3 hardcore blue planet project books for less than the cost of buying 2 separately. Its definitely an attention grabber if youre into ufos and aliens.

Are you ready to learn about the aliens yellow book and how they explain the creation of the universe. In a july 15, 2017, national archives the text message blog post, see something, say something. A brief incursion into any one of timothy goods excellent books will soon lead one to an unmistakable conclusion. Dec 12, 2017 part 2 of project blue book short film series.

They range from midgets to giants, godlike humans to bizarre monsters. Blue planet project alien, ufo book from notes of scientist in topsecret alien. The yellow book or bible is the aliens history of our universe written by the aliens themselves as well as their interactions and involvement with earths development. The blue planet project contains notes and drawings made by this scientist as he visited various ufo crash sites. The blue planet project is a mysterious document that created no small stir among ufologists when it surfaced in the early 1990s. It describes, in amazing detail, the inter relationship between the u. Project blue book was the inspiration for the 19781979 tv show project u. Whats more, blue book was created at a time when ufo sightings had escalated to the point of mass hysteriakenneths arnolds famed encounter with. The arcturians are an alien race that comes from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star arcturus in the bootes constellation. By the time project blue book ended, it had collected 12,618 ufo reports, and concluded that most of them were miss identifications of natural phenomena clouds, stars, etc. Blue planet project book a book based on the notebook of a scientist working on a top secret u. Confessions from the blue planet project confessions of the.

Books by gil carlson and available direct from the publisher. Aug, 2014 blue planet project alien technical research alien life forms. The history of the aliens on earth blue planet project book 22 english edition ebook. Jan 22, 2020 the subject of ufos has long fascinated national archives staff members as well. The true story behind the governments ufo investigation ign first duration. Feb 21, 2014 throughout human history, the planet mars has captured our imagination. Project blue book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects ufos conducted by the united states air force. An alien speaks out about our planet and how we are being controlled and manipulated.

Government and several extraterrestrials societies with whom we have working agreements. Military and alien offplanet forces and massive government coverup to hide these. Ill some kinds of alien life forms we know about an anthropological analysis alien technology. Ebe is the name or designation given to the live alien captured at the 1947 roswell, new mexico crash. Now they can do all this but from a distance, and we wont even know what is going on. If you still do not believe the government is trying to cover something up, then why not turn to the 114 page book called blue planet project.

This is a list of alleged extraterrestrial beings that have been reported in close encounters, claimed or speculated to be associated with unidentified flying objects. Blue planet project alien lifeforms visiting our world, download this amazing pdfcompendium on this site. Jan 03, 2019 based on the true story of an air force project during the cold war, the tv show project blue book premieres on history on jan. You will soon discover all the secrets of the yellow book as well as the red book, which is a very large book maintained by the u. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading yellow book. Project blue book investigated 12,618 ufo sightings and 701 of those sightings remained unidentified. The blue planet project lost chapters book has information on alien languages. Over the next 17 years, project blue book would compile reports of 12,618 ufo sightings or related events. The files themselves are not even all located in the same place. Aliens on earth, best alien book gil carlson, jefferson souza on. The earth is being visited by a wide variety of different extra terrestrials. Mar 03, 20 project blue planet, evidence of aliens on earth, government coverup the following document is believed to be the personal notes and scientific dairy of a scientist who was contracted by the government over several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured alien life forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor. Blue planet project book was mentioned on the alien files.

Blue planet project book was mentioned on the alien files that made it a gotta have for me. Apr, 2017 shocking report reveals cooperation between the u. This is an animated fictional work created and owned by aristomenis tsirbas. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. May 04, 2017 beware this is a long response i know you are referring to a book about the subject. Apr 24, 2019 the blue planet project book has some interesting facts and illustrations of different types of aliens. Note this document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an above top secret government program. Bootes constellation arcturus is about 36 light years from our solar system and is the most advanced alien civilization in the galaxy, they have surpassed into the 4th and 5th dimensions. Alien government projects alienseverythingyouwantto. Blue planet mandate answers to what aliens and ufos are doing on earth. Project blue book was the code name for an air force program set up in 1952, after numerous u. Project blue book from 1947 until 17 december 1969, the united states air force actively investigated reports and sightings of unidentified flying objects ufos, under a program called project blue book.

Jefferson souzas blue planet mandate, yellow book, alien races, dulce base, montauk, nibiru, ufo crashes, remote viewing. Similarly to the robertson panel, blue book would eventually classify more than 90. No wonder the government wants to keep him locked up. The blue planet project book is the mysterious manuscript authored by a u. Az of alien species europes largest ufos and aliens database. In it are many different chapters explaining the organizations that exist, the types of alien species, government projects, important alien crashes, and even government coverups. Why project blue book is so strange among ufo seekers. This file consists of correspondence concerning this organization. Dec 4, 2017 if you thought the blue planet project book was scary, wait until your read the rest of the story the lost chapters have just been discovered. Inculcation devices and the practice of manipulation of the mind code. Some kinds of alien life forms we know about an anthropological analysis alien technology. Oct 20, 20 new edition of blue planet new update of this project sep 20.

Allen hynek are tasked by the us air force to investigate reports of ufos and debunk them, or at least come up with rational explanations for them. Full text of blue planet project ufo technology see other formats. Jan 21, 2020 a search for the truth behind ufo sightings leads to the discovery of government coverups. Ancient egyptian astronomers were the first to record the red planet on a chart of the cosmos known as the senenmut star map. Friends of blue planet project public group facebook. This is the original edition of the blue planet project and we are the only authorized publisher. In this conspiratorial scifi thriller set some time after wwii and loosely based on the us governments real life project blue book, captain michael quinn and dr. Government and used to record information and revelations of what the aliens have revealed on the history of earth, about their planet and the universe. Or a great gift for anyone who is intrigued by government coverups, aliens and ufos and want answers.

Aliens on earth blue planet project book 11 english edition ebook. Blue planet project author jefferson souza has blown the lid off the alien conspiracy. The insignia of a triangle and three 3 lateral lines has been seen on alien transport craft, the trilateral symbol. The dulce base symbol is a triangle with the greek letter tau, t within it and then the symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down. Aliens and cold war paranoia collide in project blue book. Brings you the complete blue planet project story which dates back to 1991 where it started out as a file of government secrets created by a government informer. These,000 files are the ones that were somehow designated as blue book files. It is claimed that they were smuggled out by a government scientist working on top secret projects with aliens. Project blue book is a bunch of files containing over,000 reports of ufo and flying saucer incidents. This particular alien reveals everything about our world today, offering advice, warnings and.

In 1989, an organization calling itself the new project blue book contacted the fbi. According to the aliens, the moon is the key to the what the aliens are doing on earth as well as the future of humans. Project blue book for its part, the air force has categorically denied the rumors, and maintains there has never actually been a hangar 18. The following document is believed to be the personal notes and. Most of my life was spent in the business world, but my real interest was in the unexplained mysteries. Project blue book originally project blue book was the air force name for a project that investigated ufo reports between 1947 and 1969. Watch aliens and the red planet full episode ancient aliens. Blue planet project alien technical research metatech. Aliens are beginning to channel amazing, powerful information to receptive human contacts. The lost chapters of the blue planet project book secrets of. Blue planet project book was mentioned on the alien.

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